How to worship a king


You’ve been thinking about your King lately. Maybe you want to worship Him more, or maybe you’re not sure if He’s the right King for you, but either way it’s on your mind. Let me tell you a story that will help clear things up and show why I think worshipping our King is so important.

There was once a man who had everything he could ever want: money, power, all of his needs met by servants… But no matter how much he had and how many people were there to do things for him, he couldn’t shake this feeling that something was missing from his life. He wasn’t happy–he knew there must be more than this world offered him–but what? One day he found a man on a street corner and asked him, “What your secret? If I follow you, will I have what you have?”

And the man said to him, “I can’t tell you that, but let me show you my secrets.” So they went back to this man’s house and he served the rich man his dinner. The rich man told him, “You’re just as much a king as I am; we both wear crowns made of gold.” But the poor man smiled and shook his head. He said it wasn’t about what he wore: there was something more than worldly power he had come to know. He continued with one thought after another until finally the rich man couldn’t take it anymore. “Fine then! I’ll give you all my money; just tell me how to find peace!” And the poor man finally showed him.

I’m telling you this story because I want to show you that our King is like that rich man. He has given us everything we could ever want, but He wants something back in return: for us to recognize His authority over our lives and let Him become our Ruler! Do you see? When we come to know the King as King, it changes everything about us. That’s why it’s so important. If you don’t realize yet what your King can give you, keep reading and learn more about Him!

Now maybe at first glance it seems unfair that God would require us to obey Him–He already created the universe, after all–but think about it: doesn’t it make sense that He’d want to rule over His masterpiece? We owe Him every breath we take because He made us and sustains us. So what’s stopping you? Why not give up your crown today and let God be King of your life?

I just told you a story with one point, but now I’m going to repeat myself, only this time with three points that summarize my message for you today. Ready?

First, our King is like the rich man who couldn’t find peace until he was willing to recognize his true King.

Second, when we come to know our King as King it changes everything about us; thus recognizing our King as King is important.

Third, the only thing stopping you from letting God be your King is yourself; thus giving up your crown today should be easy!

Let’s talk about this first point. My story showed that our King wants to rule over us because He doesn’t want to take anything less than all of us. That tells me that there’s nothing more He could give you, but it also tells me that there are no excuses for not obeying Him. Do you see? Our obedience isn’t about trying to get His blessings; it’s about recognizing who He is and what He deserves! It’s like saying “thank you” after someone does something nice for you–you can recognize their authority without feeling like they’re going to punish you if you don’t, but you can still feel grateful and say thanks. Well for us it’s the same thing: We may not be afraid of what God will do if we don’t obey Him, but we can still have a healthy respect for His authority and show our gratitude with obedience!

Let’s talk about this second point now. I showed that when we come to know the King as King He transforms everything about us–no wonder, then, that it changes everything in our lives! Think about your role at home: how do you treat your siblings? How does that change depending on whether or not you’ve recognized your King? Does your attitude toward them change when they remind you of His authority over all of us? Do you feel grateful that He’s given them (and you) the chance for obedience? You should.

Think also about your role at school: how do you treat your classmates? Your teachers? Your principle? And how does this change depending on whether or not you’ve recognized the King as King over all of us? How are you different when you give Him His rightful place in authority above everyone else’s opinions and actions toward you, including those who might try to rule over you by pointing out their own worldly power? You have to be willing to say that He is above any other being or system, because only then will God be able to give them their just due–which includes making them rulers of whatever they’re supposed to rule!

Think also about your role outside of school, at home, and in the community: how do you treat everyone around you? What changes if you remember that they’re all under God’s authority? They may not be rulers of anything because they’re not made in His image like we are, but why should that matter? They’re still going to experience death and judgment! We might walk by someone on the street and think that he’ll never meet a terrible end for his sins–but we don’t know that! He could live a life of sin without ever experiencing our King’s justice; but one day God will bring him to an end along with all of us. How does this change your behavior? I bet it makes you want to do good and avoid evil!

What about your role towards yourself? How would you be different if you came to know the King as King over all of us? Would you stop caring so much about what others think about you? Would you be able to say “no” when necessary, including to yourself for your own good? Would it give you the strength needed to stand up for His truth even in the face of opposition from those who love this world more than God Himself?!

Let’s talk about this third point now. My message is that only one thing will keep anyone from giving up their crown and recognizing God as King: themselves. You shouldn’t let another human being tell you they’re not going to let God be their ruler; we don’t need to give our crowns away when we recognize they have no power except what God is pleased to give them. [2] But the only thing that will stop us from giving up our crowns is not recognizing God as King, and thinking we can rule ourselves!

One simple way this happens in all of us is through idolatry. Now I know that for some people, “idol” means a physical representation of something or someone other than God–and for others an idol might be a worldly cause which seems bigger and more important than anything else–but I don’t want anyone jumping to either of those conclusions here. The problem with idolatry isn’t necessarily how you think about your god–it’s whether or not you think about him at all!

Obedience to God is one of the most important things you can have–but it’s not the only thing. You could obey Him perfectly, but if you don’t recognize His authority over all of life, then there are still some corners where your thoughts will go undisciplined by His Word. Remember that even though God rules over everything, He doesn’t leave any corner without guidance–even those corners where our idols might fit in! Worshiping something or someone other than God means that our attention isn’t on what He says; worshiping anything or anyone other than Himself means that we think we’re more capable of ruling ourselves than He is. This blindness keeps us from giving up our crowns, and even makes us think we can rule over others, making them our idols too.

Who are your idols? Is it a person–a celebrity or politician, for example? Or is it something you put above God in importance? Whether there’s someone who rules over you–or you’re ruling over someone else!–you don’t have to give up your crown if you recognize that He is the King of kings! The only thing that will stop you from giving up your crowns and recoginizing Him as King of everything is pride: thinking that we know better than He does what’s good for ourselves and everyone around us.

There’s just one problem: ignorance isn’t bliss when it comes to salvation, and the things we don’t know can hurt us! When we refuse to give our crowns away, no matter how much evidence there is that God deserves them more than we do, we’re ignoring or rejecting the truth and putting ourselves in danger. The good news is that God wants to save us so badly that He doesn’t require knowledge of Him as King before we turn over our crowns; all He requires is faith . But if your faith isn’t enough to make you stop sinning by giving up your crown–if you need something else to be convinced–it’s as easy as studying the Bible and listening for His voice as He talks to those who love Him.

You’ll never fully understand just how much He does deserve your attention until you see Him speak . And if hearing His voice doesn’t convince you, then seeing Him will.

So why not give up your crown and recognize Him as King right now? It’s the only thing that can keep you from giving it away–but it’ll also be the best decision you ever made!

It’s about time someone wrote a message like this! You know I’ve been waiting for months to say something about all these people letting other people run their lives! My name is Jaron Henson and I’m going to take your crowns through the power of God Almighty in Christ Jesus. I want everyone listening to feel unworthy of His love by receiving a Crown of Life, but also feel confident in knowing that He has laid down His life for them. There will be some who feel unworthy of His love, but that is where faith in Christ comes into play. You can put your complete trust in a loving Creator who desires only what is best for you and me. I want everyone to know that they are not alone when it comes to surrendering their crowns to God, and the resources available to anyone willing!

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